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If you have a router on the same network as the Server, then you will need to configure your router to port forward UltraVNC traffic to the host. UltraVNC is just one flavor of VNC (Virtual Network Computing). You can also setup your router for UltraVNC by configuring the built in firewall if your. By installing a program such as UltraVNC on your computers, you can access them from any other computer connected to the Internet. In order to use UltraVNC. USING TIGHTVNC AS A LISTENER

Reboot after Installation. UltraVNC, or any similar product, works best for people who have a high speed connection i. You must also have your computer ON to be able to connect to it. You can use UltraVNC with dial-up assuming your computer is online and you have someone at home that knows enough to tell you what your IP address is, because people with dial-up internet get a different IP address every time they connect. Most Residential high speed connections use a dynamic IP address that does change if you turn off your modem or lose your connection.

Business level internet normally gets a static ip address that doesn't change. If you have a residential connection your address shouldn't change often, but you can keep track of it using a service like no-ip. Both are free. After installing you will need to configure your setup before you can use it. If you have a router read step 4. If you have a firewall read step 5. If you have both read steps 4 and 5. It can use any available ports. Substitute the correct ports anytime that you see or during this tutorial.

Also note that almost this entire tutorial is talking about setup on the server side. In other words this tutorial shows you how to setup UltraVNC on the computer you will be connecting to server , not the computer you will be connecting from client. ROUTER: If you have a router it will have to be configured to let it know where to forward incoming requests from the internet to your computer.

Log onto your router. An IP address is four sets of numbers separated with periods, with one to three numbers in each set, between the numbers 1 and , and since you have a router it will probably start with Then at the command window type "ipconfig" write down the IP address of the "Default Gateway" and the number that just says "IP Address".

After you have your gateway IP address open up your internet browser. If a window pops up asking for a username or your browser goes to a page that has your routers name somewhere then you've done it right. If you got an error then you may have entered the gateway IP address incorrectly. Double check the gateway IP address. If it still doesn't work you may have a telnet based router instead of a web base one. You will need to see my router page. Ok now you need a name and a password to log on.

Most routers use a username of "admin". The password is probably blank, "admin", "password", or the brand name of your router. If that doesn't work get out the manual, it will tell you unless someone has changed it. See my router page for more info on logging into your router Now that we are all connected to the router we will configure it.

One of the free remote access options available is UltraVNC. You may have heard of VNC before as it has been around for quite some time. UltraVNC is a spin off of the original version and has optimized the original into a piece of software that works pretty well.

UltraVNC is pretty similar to the other remote access software options out there. There are two pieces of software that help complete the connection. One is called the server and the other is called the viewer. It is pretty obvious, but the server is the computer you are connecting to, and the viewer is the computer that will be controlling the server.

The host is the computer that will be controlled. In the case of UltraVNC, it is called the server. If the compute you wish to control will only serve as a host, then you will only install the server. But, if you plan on using it to also connect to other machines, then you will want to install both on the computer. In order to complete the connection to the server, you will need to install the viewer piece on a computer.

Again, you will be asked during the install process what you want to install. If you intend on using a given computer only to control other machines, then you will only install the Viewer. But, if you plan to use the computer as a viewer and would also like to connect to it, then you will elect to install both. If you have a router on the same network as the Server, then you will need to configure your router to port forward UltraVNC traffic to the host.

When you install the server, you can select what port you want the server to listen on. Whatever port you selected will be the one that you need to port forward on the router. Once that is done, you will be able to access the server from anywhere on the Internet.

An UltraVNC connections supports many features.

Ultravnc router setup vnc server password password exploit

Being able to access your computer remotely is a very useful feature.

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ultravnc router setup

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