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Here is our list of the best Cisco monitoring tools: · SolarWinds Network Insights for Cisco (FREE TRIAL) · Datadog Network Monitoring (FREE TRIAL). ManageEngine OpManager is integrated, simplified Cisco management software that helps IT admins across the globe manage their Cisco network infrastructure. The. The Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) is a data center server computer product line composed of computing hardware, virtualization support, switching fabric. VNC SERVER XUBUNTU 11 10

However, like all the components of your IT network, switches need effective monitoring to build a sound security strategy. MetricFire provides a hosted open-source Cisco network monitoring solution with minimal configuration. You should book a demo , or sign up for the 14 day free trial. Organizations implement network monitoring for several reasons, and all of them contribute to the overall success of a business. Foremost is ensuring optimal performance of the network.

Even minor changes, like files not loading promptly, can significantly affect productivity levels. Also crucial is the security and safety of your network and data. Network administration is all about detecting those potential threats and stopping data leaks, preventing damage to your reputation and bottom line. Also, network monitoring can provide real cost-savings opportunities for businesses allocating resources. They can discover which network elements are being heavily used or overused and which are under-used.

These results can highlight unnecessary costs or identify network components needing an upgrade to maintain future performance. Monitoring your network is essential as it helps to thwart attacks and address problems before they translate to financial loss. Network monitoring typically covers all network devices and scrutinizes availability, CPU and memory utilization, disk usage, and configuration.

When trying to tackle network management, many organizations focus on edge devices instead of the entire network. Monitoring routers, firewalls, and switches will help identify most attacks, and it gives IT leaders the insight they need to assess overall network performance. How can you ensure you have the highest level of connectivity and security and that you have selected the right monitoring tool?

Here is our list of the ten best Cisco switch monitoring tools in Forget struggling with cryptic CLI commands. Complete with customizable network topology and dashboards to visualize performance, this monitoring tool continuously polls the management information bases MIBs on your devices to get critical performance metrics to keep your system functioning optimally.

As a streamlined solution, SolarWinds NPM monitors all parts of your network in a centralized monitoring tool. It also checks if your software-defined networking SDN environment is performing correctly, and it provides total visibility into your Cisco ASA environment and infrastructure. NPM from SolarWinds is your best bet for a high-performing monitoring tool built specifically for handling Cisco devices and environments.

It comes with out-of-the-box compatibility with the device agents already loaded onto each Cisco device. This tool is a sound choice for networks that are diverse in their configuration. With NCM, you can stop second-guessing if inventory spreadsheets are up to date and reliable since the monitoring tool conducts a simple scan to build an accurate inventory of your network devices.

Are you running multiple switches and routers? Not a problem for NCM, which will highlight any network failure and identify which component has failed. SolarWinds designed NCM to manage rapid and complex changes across networks. Its Cisco Nexus switch monitoring helps you ensure service availability with backup to every virtual device context VDC. A cloud-based system designed for hybrid environments, the Datadog Network Monitoring solution combines health monitoring of all Cisco network devices with activity monitoring for all actions passing through network traffic.

Priding itself on simplicity in install and operationally, Datadog translates performance into easily understandable tags. This unified system allows for quick visualization of your network devices and can preemptively stop bandwidth saturation in its tracks using AI-powered forecasting to ensure a high-quality service. You can focus on the most insightful switch metrics and monitor all Simple Network Management Protocol SNMP devices and network traffic data side by side.

Datadog also provides extensibility through many APIs, with entirely customizable graphs, metrics, and alerts. RMM is crucial for providing effective management for remote workers with various platforms and personal mobile devices. RMM is a SaaS system, and part of its job is to monitor network devices like switches and routers. However, it can also monitor UPSs, printers, laptops, desktops, and servers.

RMM can be a significant time-saver for automating repetitive tasks. You can deploy automation scripts to many devices at once, or you can set a schedule or threshold that triggers to run. Get your IT team focused on high-value priorities with this level of automation.

PRTG comes with an allowance of sensors that you can customize and implement depending on your needs. Checking the status of Cisco devices is simple with the Cisco Systems Health sensor. Do you need to monitor Cisco networks but don't have a full monitoring team?

MetricFire can help with a powerful monitoring platform that provides valuable insights in just a few clicks. You must sign up for the MetricFire free trial , and book a demo about how our Cisco monitoring tools can support your team. Although Site24x7 Cisco Network Monitoring is a cloud-based system that eliminates the need to maintain on-site software, it requires the agent installation on the module to gather performance statistics.

The SNMP system enables Site24x7 to access and automatically detect network devices while creating a live topology map and inventory of all devices on the network. If you add or remove a switch, maps and inventories automatically update. Optimized to work across most Cisco switches, routers, controllers, and access points, the Cisco Network Assistant is a comprehensive network monitoring tool.

The one downside is that it can only manage up to 80 devices. Most would assume that a network monitoring system from Cisco would facilitate the network management of Cisco devices. SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor is our top pick for a Cisco network monitoring tool because it is able to communicate with all network devices through the SNMP protocol. This gives the monitor regular reports on device statuses including from equipment produced by Cisco Systems.

The package includes an alerting mechanism, which notifies technicians by email or SMS when problems arise. This lets IP Operations staff focus on other tasks, knowing that they can leave the Network Performance Monitor to track normal operations on the network. Download: Start day Free Trial. Official Site: solarwinds. PRTG Network Monitor is one of the most user-friendly network monitoring tools available on the market.

Unlike other monitoring tools where you need different licenses or products to enable certain features like traffic analysis, PRTG Network Monitor is an all-in-one solution meaning that everything is included in the product.

A sensor usually monitors a particular value e. PRTG Network Monitor supports all the features you will need from a network monitoring tool including availability and health monitoring, bandwidth utilization, network traffic analysis, alerting and so on.

However, it does not support configuration management out of the box. After 30 days, the product downgrades to the freeware version free forever for up to sensors. Site24x7 Infrastructure is a system monitoring service that covers networks, servers, and applications. The tool is resident in the Cloud but it needs an agent program to gather performance statistics from the monitored site.

The agent is able to communicate with Cisco network devices, such as switches, routers, and firewalls through the SNMP system. All devices manufactured by Cisco Systems ship with the agent software installed on it. The Site24x7 Infrastructure service provides the SNMP Manager role — through the Site24x7 agent that is installed on a server connected to the network.

The agent uploads the responses from device agents over an encrypted connection to the Site24x7 server for processing. This displays live performance data on the system console, which is resident in the Cloud. Users can access the dashboard through any standard browser. If a device agent notices a problem with the piece of equipment that hosts it, it sends out a Trap message.

Site24x7 interprets this into an alert, which appears in the dashboard. These warnings can also be forwarded to technicians by SMS, email, voice call, or instant messaging post. The Network Monitor of Site24x7 has a second method for communicating with Cisco devices. This is through the NetFlow language, which enables the monitor to gather traffic throughput data.

This information is sent to the Site24x7 server, which checks the data flow volumes against the potential capacity of the equipment. If limits are being reached, the service generates an alert. You can get it on a day free trial. Datadog is a cloud-based platform that offers a range of monitoring tools for IT services. The system is charged for by subscription and includes a menu of packages.

The service includes more than integrations, which can be added on for free to enhance the capabilities of the monitoring system. One of those integrations is a special service to monitor Cisco Meraki products. The tool is able to communicate with Cisco switches and routers to gather traffic statistics and it also receives alerts from devices that have status problems.

The Datadog Cisco Meraki monitoring service includes a log collection function. This can be exploited more effectively when combined with the Datadog Log Management module. Other services that can be added on include an application performance monitor and synthetic and real user monitoring for websites. Datadog is available on a day free trial. ManageEngine OpManager is another network monitoring tool that can monitor devices from various vendors including Cisco.

Like Solarwinds NPM, it also supports features like automatic network discovery, availability and performance monitoring, and various reporting capabilities. With additional licenses, network traffic analysis and configuration management can also be enabled. One of the really cool things about ManageEngine OpManager is its customizable dashboard feature, allowing you to configure the user interface with exactly what you will like to see.

It can be installed on Windows and Linux operating systems. There is a live demo of OpManager on their site to really get a feel for what it looks like and how it works. We highly recommend you can also download a free day trial or a free-forever edition that allows you to monitor 10 devices with limited functionality. WhatsUp Gold is one of the network monitoring tools that have been around for a long time even though interest in the product went down a couple of years ago.

WhatsUp Gold uses Point-based licensing where different monitored elements are assigned points e. It supports the following features:. The Cisco Network Assistant supports up to 80 devices and therefore, is targeted at small to medium sized businesses. The fact that it is free you only need to login to download it is also a bit surprising knowing that Cisco generally does not do free things. It can be installed on Windows and Mac operating systems.

Network Monitoring is a very important aspect of managing a network because not only can it alert you when something goes wrong, it can also help during troubleshooting and for network planning. The choice of the tool you use to monitor your Cisco devices will depend on factors like cost, complexity and robustness. We recommend donwloading their 30 Day Unlimited Trial and starting monitoring within 10 minutes of installing.

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